Company “Alfa service sales building, depository, load-lifting technique and realizes production and sale of machinery – construction staging, hydraulic instrument, devices for the processing of armature etc. Our production has all necessary certificates and is characterized by high durability and broad technical possibilities. The prices of the products are those of factories-producers; after-sales and extended services are also conducted.

Number of our equipment has no analogs in Russia. For example, an elevator with the carrying capacity of 1000 kg, elaborated on the Tverskoy Experimental Mechanical Factory, construction site hoists with an extended period of exploitation (10 years) and an increased carrying capacity, designing and manufacture of non-standard mechanisms. Among our clients are factories “Baltica, West-Siberian metallurgical plant, factory “Rostselmash and other big companies.

During the years of its work “Alfa service proved to be a reliable partner fulfilling its duties in front of contractors. In 6 months only we became one of the biggest dealers of the closed company “Tverskoy Experimental Mechanical Factory, and in the end of 2006 we were recognized the best in the realization of construction staging. Precise goals, certitude in our forces, aspiration to perfection allow to the company successful solution of the tasks of our clients. We are trusted and this trust is not misplaced.

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