Address of the central office:


Moscow, Baltyiskaya street, building 1 (metro station “Sokol) , office 16


Tel.: 7(495) 921-33-80


Fax: 7(495) 580-49-43





By car:

Out of the center: after “Sokol first turning on the right (on the traffic lights) to the Baltyiskaya street.

Turn on the left and park near the turning or on the other side of the street.out of the province:

before the tunnel on the Leningradskoye highway turn on the right, then on the traffic lights

on the left, turn around and right away on the right to the Baltyiskaya street.


By underground or on foot: metro station “Sokol, exit to the Baltyiskaya street.

Then on the left (take the direction on Ramstor).

Cross the Baltyiskaya street, turn on the right and follow the Baltyiskaya street from the Leningradsky prospect.

In 100 meters you will see 4-store building 1.

Go to the 4-th floor and you will see the sign of the “City service of reservation



Address of the depository in Moscow:


Himki, Rabochaia street, 19


Tel.: 7 (495) 575–40–73


Hours of service:


from Monday to Friday 9–00 – 16–00 lunch beak 13–00 — 14–00


8 (8452) 34–99–58

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