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Today “Alfa service is a vertically integrated complex of four companies, which unites production capacities of the biggest Russian and foreign factories that execute the manufacture of machine-building and load-lifting equipment.

The fact that building company makes part of the group allows not only to carry out repair works and capital construction, but also to suggest some alternative possibilities of solution of the housing question with the help of universal mobile construction modules.

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Company news

18 December 2006
the Incorporated machine-building factories will celebrate the 10-years anniversary.
In the press-service of Open Society " " have informed, that on December, 19th solemn evening takes place in the Sverdlovsk regional palace of national creativity (SGODNT).
12 December 2006
In 2006 on " the Volgograd tractor factory " the volume of manufacture of tractors has increased for 14 %.
According to for December, 01st, 2006 Volgograd traktorostroiteli have let out(have released) 2562 caterpillar tractors of models "-75", "-150" and "-200" (agricultural and industrial updatings), that on 14 % exceeds parameters for the last year.

Industry news

10 January 2007
At factory "neftemash" the new large order!
Development of station for swapping oil on the main pipelines became the first order of designers of factory "neftemash" in new to 2007.
09 January 2007
On Uralsk a factory of railway mechanical engineering release of the locomotive of new generation took place.
On UZZHM, entering into group " ", release of a pre-production model of a cargo electric locomotive of new generation 24 took place.

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